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5W Portable Guitar Practice Amp

Very small and light. 9V Battery powered. Perfect for clipping onto your belt.


Side Control Functions:

Input 1 - Instrument input

Input 2 - Instrument input

Power supply input - Optional DC9V power supply (not included)

Headphone jack output - To practice while wearing headphones

Front Control Functions:

Volume knob - Volume control

Tone knob - Tone control

OD On/Off switch - Turn overdrive on/off

Led light - Display if unit is on

Rear Control Functions:

Removable clip - To clip unit onto belt or pants.

Battery compartment - To power unit using a 9V battery (not included)


Output Power - 5 Watts

Speaker - 1" x 3"

Dimensions - 5"h x 5"w x 2.5"d

Weight - 15 ounces

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